How to Trade My ETF Alerts with Options

Whenever IĀ alert a 3x ETF, there’s almost always a very liquid options contract that you can trade instead.

I like to trade the in-the-money contracts with an expiration that’s at least 14 days out.

The table below should help you to decode the 3x ETF Symbol — to — the Underlying ETF you should use for Options Trading.


3x ETF Alerted What is it? Bullish/Bearish Underlying ETF for Options
UGAZ Natural Gas Bullish UNG – Calls
DGAZ Natural Gas Bearish UNG – Puts
UWTI Crude Oil Bullish USO – Calls
DWTI Crude Oil Bearish USO – Puts
TNA Small Caps Index Bullish IWM – Calls
TZA Small Caps Index Bearish IWM – Puts
NUGT Gold Miners Bullish GDX – Calls
DUST Gold Miners Bearish GDX – Puts
EDC Emerging Markets Bullish EEM – Calls
EDZ Emerging Markets Bearish EEM – Puts